About Our Bags

Our Chalk Bags

Crafting our bags with used fabric allows us to make truly unique products. We are proud of our designs and go to great lengths to make quality products. However, since every bag is made using different fabric, the durability of the outer-layer of each bag may vary. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an educated purchase based on your own preferences. Information regarding weight, material, and durability will be listed under each chalk bag's description. 

Durability Scale

All of our unique bags are made to last. However, everybody treats their gear differently. We have created a helpful scale for determining the best bag based on how you will be using it. 

Most Durable - You can throw the bag off El Cap (don't actually), take it up chimneys and wipe your shoes on it. These bags should last a long time even if you love them too hard. Usually bags made from thicker canvas or sturdy denim.

Durable - Made to get lots of love. This rating is usually given to bags made from lightweight denim or corduroy. 

Standard- These bags are great whether you're at your local crag or the gym. Regular chimney climbing is not recommended.