About us


We take old clothes and make cool things. 

Our goal is to recycle fabric and provide climbers with truly unique products without sacrificing quality. 

We are a group of college students living in Missoula, Montana. When we aren't skipping class to climb or ski, we make the occasional chalk bag.

There are tons of different chalk bags out there. There are styles and designs for everyone. Some are small and some are big. Some have extra pockets while others have minimal features. When it comes to style and functionality, we noticed that you typically need to choose between quality or a unique, colorful bag. Our goal was to end this compromise. We wanted to make chalk bags that have the unique feel of homemade crafts without sacrificing the quality that comes with buying a bag made by the leading brands.

We started by taking old shirts with cool patterns to craft chalk bags for ourselves and friends. From there, we worked to improve our design (and sewing skills) and began selling bags to friends of friends. The feedback we received inspired us to broaden the Beta Sprayer community and create this website so we can share our craft with you.


Photo of the crew after climbing Frogland. December, 2020